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Protect your professional equipment’s & instruments with Dhivehi Arts & Entertainment Insurance. We understand the logistical difficulties behind any event, and the value of your customized instruments and equipment’s. Our coverage aims to provide a smooth and worry-free journey from the beginning to the end.




  • Coverage for Equipment's whilst in Storage: As per plan

    1. Fire, Explosion and Domestic Explosion​

    2. Lightning

    3. Riot and Strike

    4. Malicious Damage

    5. Burglary and Theft by forcible entry

    6. Bursting or Overflowing of Pipes

    7. Natural Disasters including Flood

  • Accidental Loss and Damage​ (Single Article Limit: MVR 25,000)​​

  • Goods In Transit From place of storage to end point of destination: As per plan

  • Personal Accidents and death: MVR 50,000

  • Third Party Liability (Third Party property / person): MVR 200,000

  • For platinum package: Rainwater damage up to MVR 10,000

    • ​Warranties for Rain water damage to equipment’s:

      • ​Warranted that the performers equipment’s should be in proper shelter from the rain for the duration of the event

      • Events should not be conducted during adverse weather conditions as advised from the MET department

      • If events are conducted in open areas, it should be done in clear weather conditions


  • 01% of the Sum Insured in respect of claims arising from Natural Perils

  • Minimum MVR 5,000.00 for all other claims

  • 5% of claim amount or minimum MVR 5,000 for third Party Liability claims

Claims Procedure

  • All claims must be notified by email to the designated email address of the union immediately

  • The claim should be notified by the union to Dhivehi Insurance immediately

  • The union must cooperate with Dhivehi insurance claims team, in providing all required supporting documents with respect to each claim

  • Claim notification period is 5 working days and all claims must be submitted within this time frame otherwise, the claims will not be honored

  • If all required documents are submitted, claims will be processed within 1 month period

How To Apply

  • Members can apply to these packages through the Coverage Declaration Form

  • Members have to fill in the form and email to:

  • Attach a copy of your National ID Card with the email

  • Attach a list of your Instruments / Items with values

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