Members Code of Conduct (MCC)

1. Introduction

Musicians’ Union of Maldives (hereinafter referred to as “M.U.M”) is a voluntary non-governmental association registered under the Associations Act (Law Number: 1/2003), which upholds a self-imposed obligation to professionalism and ethical conduct. This status relies on generally accepted standards of behavior and communication, sharing of knowledge and experience, and integrity by all M.U.M Members. M.U.M is committed to providing an environment of cooperation, collaboration and respect among its members as is reflected in the Governing Regulation of M.U.M.

2. Objective

The MCC provides general guidelines for conduct by M.U.M Members during events, meetings, conferences, committee sessions, other volunteer work, mentoring relationships, and all internet spaces; including, but not limited to social media; for the purpose of upholding the objectives specified in the Governing Regulation of M.U.M. The MCC embodies shared values and experiences that contribute, but are not limited to any member’s individual, ethical judgments, decisions, acts and omissions. Whereas the MCC sets out guidelines for the conduct of all M.U.M Members, it cannot deal specifically with all circumstances that may arise. Nonetheless, each M.U.M Member shares the responsibility to ensure that individual and collective conduct is appropriate at all times.

3. Guiding Values

a. Compliance with Laws & Regulations Members will comply with applicable laws and regulations of the Republic of Maldives and shall abide by the Governing Regulation and policies of M.U.M. b. Professionalism M.U.M Members will seek to uphold the reputation of the profession, demonstrate the highest levels of professional competence and shall not engage in conduct that will bring the profession or M.U.M into disrepute. c. Integrity M.U.M Members will act with integrity towards fellow members and within the profession.
d. Sharing Knowledge and Experience M.U.M believes in the free sharing of knowledge and experience to aid the development and growth of its members and the development of professional ideals. M.U.M Members will act in a spirit of collaboration and constructive competition with fellow members and within the profession. e. Uphold Professional Standards Members will maintain professional standards at all times and shall not misuse information or materials shared with them in the spirit of sharing knowledge and experience. Unauthorized copying of another artist's material, unattributed or unacknowledged use of the results of another artist's work or expertise, and breaches of confidentiality are deemed to be serious violations of professional standards. f. Equal Opportunity M.U.M ensures the right of all its members to obtain appropriate and effective services without unlawful discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, gender identity, religious beliefs, political affiliations, national origin, state or region represented, age, marital status, mental or physical disability, medical condition, or any other characteristics protected by law. g. Harassment, Discrimination & Bullying M.U.M prohibits discrimination, harassment, and bullying in any form – verbal or physical. M.U.M strongly encourages its members to promptly report incidents of discrimination, harassment or bullying through the grievance procedures stated under section 5 of this MCC and thoroughly investigate and take appropriate action. M.U.M will ensure that complaints are handled with maximum seriousness, sensitivity and confidentiality to ensure the safety and wellbeing of such members from any form of reprisal or revictimization. h. Confidential Information M.U.M pledges to respect the confidentiality of information of its members that it is privy to as a result of membership and the members shall keep confidential, all matters relating to M.U.M’s operation and its strategies. M.U.M Members should ensure that outside communications including online and social media posts do not disclose confidential proprietary information. i. Use of M.U.M Equipment and Facilities Equipment and Facilities owned or leased by M.U.M shall only be used for the mutual benefit of all its members, except where other use is specifically allowed by the Executive Committee (hereinafter referred to as “EXCO”) or any party authorised by the EXCO.
j. Appearance and Representation Members shall not represent M.U.M or otherwise give the impression that they are speaking or acting on behalf of M.U.M, unless authorized to do so by the EXCO. k. Dissemination of False or Misleading Information M.U.M Members will not knowingly be a party to the dissemination of false or misleading information, and will not deliberately withhold information relating to their collections or areas of expertise, except where the confidentiality of a third party is involved. l. Government Relations M.U.M strives to build and maintain a healthy and transparent relationship with the government and its institutions and other stakeholders. m. Political Activities M.U.M respects the rights of its members to participate in politics and does not in any way interfere with members’ political affiliations.

4. Committees and Sections

M.U.M Members are expected to contribute to the work of the Committees and Sections and share their knowledge and experience in good faith in the furtherance of the aims of such Committees and Sections. Members of Committees and Sections shall follow generally accepted standards of behavior, communication, and shall maintain collective cooperation within the M.U.M. M.U.M Members should actively work towards the improvement and development of M.U.M in general.

5. Complaints

Where a M.U.M Member acts in a manner that is deemed contrary to this MCC, a complaint may be lodged against such a member in accordance with the grievance procedure outlined below: a. Filing a Complaint Where a M.U.M Member is alleged to be in violation of this MCC, a complaint can be prompted against such a member, either by an individual member or by the EXCO within 6 (Six) months of the instance of the alleged violation. This complaint should be initiated via the form on the M.U.M website and should include all the information and facts on which the complaint is based and any additional documentation and other evidence that supports the allegations. b. Committee Response to Complaints Once a complaint is filed, the EXCO shall verify the membership status of the Complainant and Respondent and review the nature of the complaint. The EXCO shall notify the Respondent within 7 (Seven) calendar days of the complaint and provide a copy of the complaint. The EXCO shall gather further information as required before the formal hearing process from Complainant and Respondent. c. Formal Hearing Process A formal hearing shall be held within 7 (Seven) calendar days from the date of notice of complaint to the Respondent. The EXCO must ensure that the Respondent has received all the relevant information and is aware of the alleged violation. Both Complainant and Respondent shall be given the right to be heard during the hearing and the Respondent shall be afforded the opportunity to submit a written response where requested. Where the Respondent waives his right to be heard or submit a written response, the EXCO shall have the discretion to conclude the Formal Hearing Process and shall formally notify the Respondent within 7 (Seven) calendar days. A transcript record of the hearings shall be maintained by the EXCO and shall be provided to the Complainant and Respondent on request. d. Executive Committee Decision The EXCO must rely on the information provided by the Complainant and Respondent in reaching a decision. Upon concluding the formal hearings, the EXCO shall notify both Complainant and Respondent in writing of its decision within 30 (Thirty) calendar days. Until the decision of the EXCO, the Respondent shall not be subjected to any measures regarding the complaint and the membership status of the Respondent shall remain unaffected. Where a Respondent has been found in breach of the MCC, the EXCO can impose any of the following measures, and shall have the discretion to impose multiple measures concurrently, depending on the seriousness of the violation.

  1. Specific limitations on union activity including denial of participation in workshops, conferences, meetings and other M.U.M sponsored activity
  2. Removal from leadership roles within M.U.M
  3. Suspension of membership
  4. Termination of membership
Upon notifying the decision to the Complainant and Respondent, the EXCO shall enforce its decision with immediate effect. Where the membership of the Respondent has expired before the complaint was lodged or before the decision of the EXCO, the EXCO shall have the discretion to impose the following measures at the renewal of membership.
  1. To restrict membership renewal for a period of 6 (Six) months from the date of the decision of EXCO; and
  2. To charge a penalty of MVR 1000 (One Thousand Maldivian Rufiyaa) prior to the renewal of membership.