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Looking for an artist to produce a culturally inspired Dhivehi song

In celebration of the 50th year anniversary of Maldives tourism industry, Malé Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) is launching a new product tailored for tourists.

For promoting this product, MWSC is looking for an artist to produce a culturally inspired Dhivehi song.

The following is required of the Artists who are interested in producing the song:

Interested artists are requested to first:

  • Make sure you are ELIGIBLE for this opportunity by checking out the ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA listed below

  • Check out the SONG REQUIREMENTS to see what is expected of the artist

If this sounds like an opportunity for you, then reach out to us! Send an email to us at with:

  • A portfolio of your experience

  • A brief artist / band autobiography with details of previous works accomplished

  • Quotation

  • Contact details

*Interested artists are NOT REQUIRED to submit a demo song.

Deadline for sending the Quotation: February 22, 202


  • The submission is open for members of the Musicians’ Union of Maldives.

  • The submission can feature multiple artists.

  • The submission must be unpublished, unreleased, and the sender must possess all legal rights (even from their team) to the song in its entirety and the individual needs to have permission from their company for the release.


  • Song Structure

    • The song should have a clear theme or cohesive idea.

    • The song should have clear, identifiable sections i.e: verse, chorus, bridge, etc.

    • The song should be between 2:00 to 4 minutes.

    • Singing is mandatory. However, how much is not said.

    • Song versions

      • Full version

      • Social media (30 seconds)

      • Jingle(s) of the song (3 to 5 seconds)

  • Arrangement and Composition

    • The music should contain (traditional) local sounds/instruments.

    • The music and melody should add to the emotional impact of the song.

    • The music should keep the listener interested and engaged.

    • The music and lyrics should be structured cohesively.

  • Lyrics

    • The lyrics should evoke an emotional response from the listener.

    • The lyrics should be easy to sing-along to and memorable.

    • The lyrics should have an identifiable rhyme scheme or pattern.

    • The lyrics should be written in Dhivehi.

  • Originality

    • The song should express the theme in a new or fresh way.

    • The song should be memorable.

    • The song should have promotional value/potential.

  • Audio Profile

    • Codec: WAV

    • Sample rate: 44.1kHz recommended. Higher sample rates are accepted but not required (for example, 48kHz or 96kHz).

    • Bit depth: 24-bit recommended, 16-bit acceptable

    • Channels: 2 (stereo

Looking for an artist to produce a culturally inspired Dhivehi song
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