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M.U.M signs TOE with S&A Lawyers LLP

Musicians’ Union of Maldives (M.U.M) has signed a Terms of Engagement (TOE) with S&A Lawyers LLP as a means of providing Pro Bono Legal Services to members of the Union.

The TOE was signed between President of the Union, Ahmed Shiham and Partner of S&A Lawyers Mohamed Zain Ahmed Shaheed.

Under the Engagement, S&A Lawyers LLP will be providing pro bono legal and consulting, advisory services regarding administrative procedures, deliver written and oral legal advice and opinions, drafting legislative bills, regulations, and white papers, provide advisory services for members, attend meetings with the Executive Member, and any other matters deemed appropriate by mutual agreement.

Established in 1994, S&A Lawyers is renowned as a leading full-service law firm in Maldives consisting of lawyers ranked top in their legal professionals.

The Union looks forward to working collaboratively with the Firm and hopes that this engagement with S&A Lawyers will further improve and enhance the lives of Union members.


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