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M.U.M to collaborate with S&A Lawyers LLP to conduct a series of workshops for musicians

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Musicians’ Union of Maldives (M.U.M) with the support of their legal partner S&A Lawyers LLP, have planned to conduct a series of workshops for musicians.

The workshop series is set to kick off on July 20th, with the launching of the “Artists Engagement Agreement”. With an aim to set a standard for terms used to engage musicians for their services, the agreement was formulated with the collaboration of both parties.

The workshops are open to the public, with prior registration required through the M.U.M website ( Details of the planned workshops are as follows:

Workshop 1 – July 20th, Wednesday:

Artist Engagement Agreement Launching – by Zain Shaheed and Sama Saeed

Workshop 2 – July 21st, Thursday:

Employment Law – by Mizna Ahmed and Hussain Siraj

Workshop 3 – August 4th, Thursday:

Taxation – by Ahmed Ali and Mariyam Sana

Workshop 4 – August 11th, Thursday:

Intellectual Property Rights – by Mohamed Shahdy Anwar and Ismail Wisham

Workshop 5 – August 18th, Thursday:

Sexual Harassment – by Mizna Ahmed and Hussain Siraj

Location: Kinaaraa House - 9th Floor, Iskandharu Magu, Malé

Earlier in the year, M.U.M signed a Terms of Engagement (TOE) with S&A Lawyers LLP to provide pro bono legal, consulting, and advisory services to the union. Established in 1994, S&A Lawyers is renowned as a leading full-service law firm in Maldives consisting of lawyers ranked top in their legal professionals.

The Union is extremely grateful for the support of S&A Lawyers and looks forward to the workshop series that will undoubtedly be very helpful for artists making a living in the music industry of Maldives.

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