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Our first AGM: Meet your elected EXCO

The 28th of November 2020 was a monumental day for the Musicians' Union of Maldives. We held our inaugural AGM via Zoom with the Founding Members, Regular and Associate Members.

We were very pleased with the turn out which met the required quorum of 25% of Regular Members. This allowed for voting of the EXCO members to go forward.

After a beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran by the immensely gifted Shalabee, members were welcomed to the meeting with a few words by the Founding Members.

It was explained that the voting would take place with only the regular members present. While the online anonymous poll voting system was being used, Associate Members were moved to a breakout room for the few minutes it took to cast the votes.

We are pleased to announce the newly elected members of the EXCO below:

President: Ibrahim Waheed Vice-President: Mahran Mohamed Majid Treasurer: Ahmed Aimon Latheef Secretary General: Ibrahim Hamza Khaleel Event Coordinator: Mifrah A. Muhaimin Spokesperson: Aminath Shua Shujau A. Hannan Associate Officer: Afaneen Nafil

The work is only beginning, first order of business is for the official paperwork to be lodged and processed. In the meantime, the remaining founding members Shiham and Nishfa are starting the handover process.

This does not however mean that their roles are over, they wish to reassure all members that they will still remain in the loop and ready to lend a hand should the EXCO require it.

You will all be hearing from the new EXCO in the very near future.

We wish to congratulate all the nominees and elected members, including fellow founding member Mahran and we wish you all the best.

It’s a "see you again" for now from Shiham and Nishfa.

Over to you EXCO! Good luck and have fun!

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