We're almost there!

Greetings on behalf of the Musicians’ Union of Maldives!

In the wake of COVID-19 and our subsequent unemployment, we started seeing exactly how fragile our field of work is, and the lack of job security in the music industry.

These unfortunate circumstances and conditions that have been prevalent in this industry have led us to want to rectify this. After much research and diving back into our history, we noticed the one thing we have lacked within the music community—a voice.

We have needed an organisation, independent of political and personal agendas, that represented and worked for the betterment of the rights and working conditions musicians in the Maldives have faced for decades. An organisation that voices out the concerns of those working within this industry.

We utilised the extra time that we had on our hands, while social distancing, to reach out and seek advice and guidance from individuals. These include people with the relevant fields of expertise such as lawyers, ministry officials, previous and current NGO EXCO members, and fellow musicians. With their help, we have built up the foundations of such an organisation that will carry out the tasks necessary to uphold and solidify a more positive future for the music industry.

Our work has always been to make sure everything is on par and up to standards while maintaining transparency. We have now submitted the documents for registration, on the 1st of July 2020.