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End illegal recruitment of foreign musicians in the Maldives

Launched on the 1st March 2021, #TellMumAboutIt campaign from the Musicians’ Union of Maldives (M.U.M) aims to raise awareness and call for action against illegal recruitment of foreign musicians in the Maldives.

Using the hashtag #TellMumAboutIt, we want YOU to let M.U.M know of any illegal recruitments or any other sorts of misconduct you see, hear or face yourself, so that the Union can take proper measures to help you tackle the issue.


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After numerous meetings with the relevant authorities, M.U.M has listed and reported multiple cases of foreign musicians employed in the resorts to the Labour Relations Authority, Maldives Immigration, Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage, Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Economic Development.


17th February 2021, M.U.M sent these reports to the authorities mentioned above.

4th March 2021, Immigration releases a statement regarding foreign artists (musicians & photographers)


Report to us via email -

Report on social media with - #TellMumAboutIt

Read more about the current law - (link to ganoon)

We must take action to end ILLEGAL recruitment and employment of foreign artists until there is a proper monitoring system in place with legal backing?

Until it Is legalised with a proper monitoring system in place

Send your suggestions and comments to the upcoming ‘Artistunge Usoolu’ - (email us or Inca?)

Local artists must be prioritized

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