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A notable week for the ExCo.

With the registration of elected names for the Executive Committee of the Musicians Union of Maldives (MUM) at the Ministry of Youth, Sports & Community and its first Executive Committee meeting, the ExCo of MUM has had a notable week.

First and foremost, we’d like to show our appreciation to the Founding members of the Union and others who have worked relentlessly towards making the Union a reality. We would also like to thank the Founders for their continued support to the ExCo throughout the handover process and ongoing contributions in assisting the Union and its members. The establishment of the Union has been a huge stepping stone in strengthening the music industry and the ExCo team hopes to honour it by upholding its core values.

In the upcoming weeks the Executive Committee team will work alongside the Founders towards establishing a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to ensure that all activities run accordingly.

We look forward to working with all our members, hearing their concerns and ideas, to continue pursuing the union’s goals of building a music industry where musicians feel represented, protected and secure.

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