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M.U.M to Introduce Insurance for Members

Musicians’ Union of Maldives (M.U.M) are collaborating with leading insurance companies to introduce comprehensive Insurance plans for its members.

Information sessions on Health and Equipment Insurance packages which will be held this Sunday and Tuesday at 3:00PM via Zoom.

The sessions conducted by the Insurance collaborators will cover details of the insurance packages tailored exclusively for union members.

  • Coverage for musical equipment against:

    • Theft, fire, and natural perils.

    • Handling damages incurred during transportation.

  • Coverage for Musicians accidental injuries and death.

  • Coverage for third party liabilities.

Health insurance includes:

Coverage of hospital bills incurred as an inpatient and outpatient due to accident, sickness, or illness, or undergoing surgery and additional benefits such as:

  • Hospital Benefits

  • Surgical Benefits

  • Medical Benefits

  • Out-patient Benefits

  • And other Complementary Benefits

The insurance coverage will be made available for purchase (an additional fee) to members of the Union who subscribe to the Premium Add-on.

Insurance services will be made effective from the 1st of December 2021.

Musicians and other freelance artists who are not members of the Union are also welcomed to register with the union to gain these services.

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