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Press Release - 1st February 2021

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Resignation of Union President

The Musicians’ Union of Maldives is sad to announce the resignation of their President, Mr Ibrahim Waheed.

Due to being classified as high-risk for COVID-19 and not being able to be physically engaged in running the Unions activities during this difficult time, Mr Waheed has decided that he wishes for the Union to elect a younger and dynamic individual to represent the Union as its President. Although Mr Waheed has resigned from his position, he kindly offered to advise the Union in any union related matters, when needed.

The Union would like to thank Mr Waheed for his contributions to the Union over the past two months and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

The resignation of Mr Waheed as President means that the Union will need to re-elect another member of the Union to represent this position. Vice-President Mahran Majid will be representing the Union as Acting President in the meantime.

The newly elected Executive Committee has been working on formulating S.O.Ps for the Union and have been actively communicating with the relevant authorities to come up with solutions for the current difficulties faced by musicians traveling for work. The Executive Committee wishes to come up with more ways to help musicians earn during the pandemic with less traveling involved.

The Union welcomes any interested individuals who would like to become the President of the Union to send their names to:

The Union looks forward to having a re-election in the next Annual General Meeting soon.

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