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Travelling for work: A guideline

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

How to get your PCR test done and request for the lab report from a verified clinic or hospital

Step One: Go to a clinic or a hospital and pay for a PCR test

(Test must be done 72 hours before you travel)

Step Two: Before you leave the clinic or hospital, request for the lab report to be emailed to you AND to update it with HPA upon processing of the result

Step Three: Once you have received your email, please forward it to the resort

Step Four: The resort will be required to submit your lab report when making the request for your travel permit

Step Five: Get your approval and go enjoy your gig safely!


As we all have a lot of questions and concerns, we have contacted the Ministry of Tourism and Health Protection Agency HPA of Maldives and clarified the following for you.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Are Musicians and Entertainers considered "Essential Service Providers"? A: Musicians and Entertainers are NOT currently included in the "Essential Service List" by HPA Q: What category does Musicians and Entertainers fall under? A: Workers Q: Can we travel without a permit or a test being taken? A: No. If an individual is found to be travelling without approval, legal action will be taken against them Q: Who approves our travel permits to a tourist establishment? A: The Ministry of Tourism Q: Who needs to get tested? A: Anyone who is travelling to a tourist establishment FROM Greater Male’ Area to work, must get tested 72 hours before travelling to their destination Q: When should we get the testing done? How many days before we travel? A: Testing must be done 72 hours before the date of travel Q: Can we travel to a tourist establishment for work with a random roadside test? A: Results from a random roadside testing zone is generated at random laboratories. It dose not guarantee any reports delivered to you. They will most probably charge you to generate a report

Q: Do I have to pay for my testing to be done at a verified clinic or hospital? A: Yes. You will have to pay whatever fee they are charging

Q: How long are the negative PCR test results valid for? A: Negative PCR test results are valid for a total of 72 hours Q: Does this apply only to those travelling short term? Less than 6 days? A: No. Whether you are travelling for a few days or for a longer stay such as a residency gig etc, you must still present a negative PCR test result (test must be done 72 hours prior) Q: What if I am travelling from one resort to another? A: You do not have to get tested if you are travelling directly from one resort to another. Even if the resorts are by different companies Q: What if I make a stop in Greater Male’ Area before I head back to the same or another resort? A: If you travel from a resort to Greater Male’ Area within 72 hours of your negative PCR test result and travel to another resort within those 72 hours, NO you are not required to take another PCR test A: If you come back from a resort to Greater Male’ Area and travel after 72 hours of the negative PCR test, YES you have to have another PCR test before you travel again Q: Who provides the written report of your negative test result? A: Verified clinics and hospitals Q: Will a text from HPA with my negative results be sufficient? A: A new circular has been released (16 December 2020), in accordance with that, the text will not be accepted. This has been confirmed by the Ministry of Tourism and HPA Q: What is the importance of the report? Why not just use the text from HPA? A: Text messages are easy to manipulate. There must be a reason to why an update has been made to the guidelines Q: Do I have to quarantine once I reach the resort? A: If your stay at the resort will be MORE than 6 days: YES you must quarantine A: If your stay at the resort will be for LESS than 6 days: NO you do not have to quarantine Q: After quarantine, do I have to take another PCR test before I can start working at the resort? A: Yes, you have to get a PCR test taken at the end of your 10 day quarantine. The result must be negative for you to be able to start work Q: What about my food and accommodation? A: If your stay at the resort is for LESS than 6 days: You must not enter the staff area. Your food and accommodation must be provided separate from the Staff area A: If your stay at the resort is for MORE than 6 days: You must first be quarantined for 10 days, before you can come into contact with others A: If you are in quarantine, food will be provided to your room in most cases. This is dependent on each resort


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