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SMS Screenshots of PCR test results accepted by MOT

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

The Ministry of Tourism (MOT) has confirmed that SMS Screenshots of negative PCR test results from Health Protection Agency (HPA) are a valid form of documentation for musicians travelling to resort establishments for work.

According to the Ministry, members of our Union (M.U.M) and other musicians who are registered as members at the National Centre for the Arts (NCA) are eligible to apply for a travel permit by sharing screenshots of their negative PCR test results with the resort they will be travelling to. Resorts would then need to upload the screenshots to the FAAS Portal for application of the travel permit.

The steps for application are:

1. Get a free PCR testing at a random sampling station.

2. Send the SMS Screenshot of the negative PCR test result to the resort.

3. Resort uses screenshot of the SMS in their application for the artist’s travel permit on FAAS Portal.

The Ministry stated that resort establishments have been notified of the new changes and added that it is the responsibility of the management to verify the validity of the message.

We remind our members to continue to adhere to the precautionary measures implemented by HPA in their effort to contain the COVID-19 virus and wish everyone safe travels.

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